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hout t■he year 13.○64 million mot●or vehicle〓s were sold, an inc●rease of 46○.2%; commodity housi〓ng sales amounte●d to 937 mill●ion square met■ers, up 42.1%; ■and total ■retail sales of co○nsumer goods increa■sed 16.9% in◆ real term○s. Consumption pl◆ayed a much bigger ○role in fue■ling econom●ic growth. We■ promoted r●apid growth in in●vestment. We g◆uided and stimulate〓d non-governme■nt investmen○t by means of well■-leveraged gove●rnment investme〓nt. We impleme◆nted a plan to 〓invest an ●additional 4 〓trillion yu●an over two y●ears. In 2〓009, the centra〓l government's p●ublic investment● was 924.3 b◆illion yuan, 503.8 b〓illion yuan more th■an in the ◆previous ye■ar's budget. Of 〓this, 44% 〓was invested in low-○income hou●sing, projects〓 to improve t■he wellbeing of rur〓al residents, a■nd social programs; ○16% in independent ●innovation, res◆tructuring, ener●gy conservation, e○missions reductions,◆ and ecologi■cal improvement●; 23% in major infra◆structure ●projects; and 14% i◆n post-Wen○chuan earthquake rec〓overy and r●econstruction. ○Fixed asset inves●tment incre

ased 30.1●% nationwide. We f〓urther improved〓 the invest〓ment structure. Ra●pid investm◆ent growth effect◆ively compensate◆d for the sho〓rtfall created by s◆hrinking external d●emand, strength◆ened weak links, and○ laid a so◆lid foundation fo○r long-term econom■ic and social de〓velopment. W〓e accelera〓ted the post-Wenc○huan earthquake reco◆very and reconstr○uction wor◆k. We have〓 already invest○ed 654.5 b●illion yuan, 65.●5% of the to〓tal planned i●nvestment, in ◆the worst hit a■reas. Thanks to○ the government's■ strong supp●ort, the selfles●s assistance 〓of people thr■oughout the country○, and the hard ●work of resid■ents of the eart〓hquake area, the ba●dly damage◆d areas h

ave take■n on a brand-n◆ew appearan●ce, with new t○owns rising straig●ht out of the ●ground, and vi●llages brimming wi○th vitality. A○ll this ful〓ly reflects the ◆boundless ●love of the Chinese 〓nation and power●fully demonstr●ates the in●comparable ●superiorit〓y of the socia●list system. On th●e afternoon of July〓 25, the 12th ses○sion of the 13●th Beijing Peo●ple's Congress en◆ded. On the last● day of the session◆, the confer■ence approved the 鈥淎●dministrative Regu○lations of Road T■ransporta

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